You Do What You Believe

Lonesome Star Farm’s heritage livestock including Kunekune pigs are almost completely grass-fed & finished, with proportionately-sized pesticide-free 100+ year old native grass pasture. This drought-resistant paddock is supported through livestock rotation & winter cover crops. We’ll partner and organize with other sustainable farms and Anyone Who Will Listen for the long-term good of our communities and families.

Lonesome Star Farm’s Business Hierarchy:

CEO: God tells us all the main decisions; marketing; delegates much except for auditors Life and Death; Humor Architect; Internal Affairs; and funds Immediate Boss

Director: Grass tells me which livestock, how many, their health, their sustainability, and much more.  Constant tension with the Manager over their joint project on waste management

Manager: I work under pigs.  Tells me what I should do every day.  They eat a LOT of grass, these grazers are real green-nosers, literally and figuratively.

Immediate Boss: Wallet.  Funded by CEO.   Tells me what I can do every day.  I talk constantly to Internal Affairs about possible money embezzlement.  Suspects include outside consultants Taxes and that darn lawyer from Murphy Associates.

Bottom of the Hierarchy With No Chance of Advancement:  Craig- Founder/Operator:  Love my job but I hate my boss.  Hope he doesn’t fire me.  I know the Manager at times is ready for my resignation too.  With the help of the CEO, if I can keep Grass happy, it’ll all work out.

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