Another Litter to Consider

Boar AKBA0224 Andrew with sow AKPR0989 Jenny linage. Litter DOB 3/12/15 so they’ll be ready for their new home in just a few weeks! Full of great color, wattles, and sweet temperament. Contact me for more info. Located by Fort Worth, TX and will deliver within 200 miles. Discount of $200 on 2 or more.
***Also selling some proven adult breeding stock.

Contact me for more info about this great breed that grazes on grass more than your feed bill.




Sincerely, Craig


Spring 2015 Kunekune Piglets NOW Available!

Some unemployed piglets in need of jobs! 2 already got hired so contact me soon… Ready for work the beginning of May… Call for interviews.  Near Fort Worth, TX

2 litters:  Andrew/Rona parents and Andrew/Jenny parents

Facebook for pics and more info.





Kunekune Piglets – Unemployed

I have three piglets that are unemployed but are ready to work for you and your homestead.

just give them some shelter, clean water, and plenty of grass and they’ll take over from there.


Please see my Facebook business page for pictures.   Click the “contact me” tab with any questions.  Thanks for the consideration, Craig





Our “Trust Deposit” When Buying

Lonesome Star’s Trust Deposit:

Before accepting your $100 refundable deposit, we will discuss your livestock expectations and what I should have to offer.  If it sounds like a good match, the deposit is accepted to hold your particular or general pick(s) from that particular litter.

Come buying time, if the available livestock does not closely match what we had previously agreed upon, your deposit will be fully refunded and not held over for the next litter.

With good communication throughout the buying process, I am confident that excellent service before and long after purchase, homesteader-focused breeding program, and fair prices will make for a great relationship for those I can partner with.

The Dependent Triangle

The Dependent Triangle
Lonesome Star Farm was created for 2 reasons: 1) To promote heritage livestock’s beneficial characteristics as an excellent alternative to commercial livestock in temperament, meat quality, their ability to graze on grass which lessons (or almost removes) costly feed bills, and are more tolerant to weather extremes & disease. 2) As an example of sustainability using this Dependent Triangle.

3 Parts of “The Dependent Triangle”:

1) Heritage Livestock-  Raise heritage & rare livestock that are 100% grass-fed or including some organic grain and high protein hay. Lonesome Star Farm currently has Kunekune pigs which are a hearty medium-sized pig whose heritage quality means they are typically disease resistant so no harmful antibiotics are used and they forage for their own food. Unlike other pigs, Kunekune pigs can fatten on grass alone thereby saving the homesteader significant amounts of money each year. They’re temperament is very friendly, they’re gentle on fences, and their ability to fatten on grass alone is increasing their popularity grow each year even though they have not been bred in the USA until the last 10 years for the most part. Last, versatile Kunekune genetic strains offer beautiful pets as well to complement many types of homestead operations. With just a few big corporations using just a few types of pigs for the nation’s food supply, the time is now to diversify with a natural and tastier alternative to this monoculture business model.

2) Native Grass/Hay – Kunekune pigs won’t thrive without a healthy free range field to frolic in containing ample organic hay or ideally native grasses. Lonesome Star Farm carefully maintains a balance between the livestock’s need to graze the grass and keeping our 80+ year old native pasture from becoming a West Texas dust bowl. Native grasses are important for they are disease resistant & drought tolerant.

3) Lonesome Star Farm is mentioned last of the 3 parts for God creates the livestock and germinates the seed so we just orchestrate it all.  Just to name a few other things we do is plant rye seed as a green cover crop for the winter and enjoy the art of  breeding.  Our goals centers around cultivating a stout and disease resistant animal for “pasture” use while balancing their lard pig characteristics to add more muscle to the “plate” side of their multi-purpose uses.

Another King Grass Blog

King grass. 7/12/13


My boss told me to clear 6 foot tall sunflowers with a simple sickle in 100 degree heat. Crazy!? Yet my “boss” is the pig’s chemical-free native grass for me to strengthen under this Texas heat. As the grass goes, Lonesome Star Farm goes, since our herd of grass-eatin’ pregnant kunekunes still think they’re in charge.

It’s a rewarding challenge to share a purpose between grass and man. The native grass is naturally heat tolerant and I’m naturally heat intolerant.

Regardless, we’re in this together but I always know who is the boss.

A Day In The Life…

A day in the life. 6/9/13
A one minute video from Lonesome Star Farm.  This is one of my breeding stockers…

One pregnant kunekune pig’s day:

3:30 Mud Mask & Bask.

4:00 Here she fell down right right at my feet for her Jowl Treatment

4:30 Grass & Turf at the local watering hole

Grass Is My Boss

Basic conservation suggestions. 11/8/12
I found the time to mow most of the piggy paddock. Now that the Summer in Texas is finally over (just before we carve Thanksgiving dinner), I mowed their field for a number of reasons.

  1. The weeds (see picture below) were obviously not to the Kunekune pig’s liking for the weeds were tall and very coarse.
  2. The weeds were taking water and sun that the native grasses and newly seeded Winter rye grass desperately needed.
  3. The thorny tall weeds could cause a wound and infection if a pig gets an eye full of it.
  4. The tall weeds were also shading the pig’s bathroom area which would ideally compost faster in direct sunlight.
  5. The weeds were UGLY!


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