“Too Slow” vs “Too Fast”

Slow, normal, or fast food? 2/12/13

The main negative comment I hear about kunekune pigs is that they grow “too slow” for commercial or even home use. I could not disagree more. These heritage pigs grow normal

  • … like a normal livestock animal
  • …like an animal that is raised without the cramped warehouse, growth hormones, preemptive broad-spectrum antibiotics, GMO’s, and genetic engineering to speed up the growth process
  • …like a pig bred with of healthy proportions and conformation, not selective breeding extremes that manipulate the commercial pig into producing lean(?) meat that’s Wonder Bread white. While the public has demanded a few of these traits, who can completely blame farmers for filling that “need” for fast and cheap food. Generally speaking, cutting corners no matter what meat, food, (or life for that matter) almost always has some kind of negative impact on the environment and possibly our health.


With this in mind, I argue that it’s not that kunekune pigs grow “too slow.” They grow at a pace for their bodies to naturally build and bulk up. Unnaturally manipulating commercial pigs to grow too fast can completely stress their bodies and remove their ability to resistant disease, parasites, etc.

Here’s what we believe about raising quality sustainable livestock.

Lonesome Star Farm’s (LSF) heritage livestock, including Kunekune pigs, are grass-fed, and no antibiotics, hormones, or harsh chemicals are used. They can fatten almost entirely on grass in a proportionately sized pesticide-free native pasture. Pasture protection includes using crop rotation along with nitrogen-rich cover crops to support the Dependent Triangle. We’ll partner and organize with other sustainable farms and organizations to reclaim the land and livestock’s natural way of life. For fun, LSF believes that the kunekune’s positive traits, contrary to many breeds of swine, will reverse society’s historically poor image of the pig.

Heritage Breeds Defined


“Heritage” livestock can be defined as selectively breeding animals/livestock that were around generations ago. Why is this important?


Heritage breeds of pork & other animals are older breeds, genetically predisposed to be more disease-resistant, heartier, have a better temperament, and sustain more on grass alone (less feed costs).

Simply put, the older breeds of livestock are “tried and true” where the farmer selectively bred the healthiest livestock the natural way over generations so we can enjoy that breed of animal’s great characteristics today. With this in mind, Lonesome Star Farm believes if you take care of the livestock, they will take care of us.

We believe:
“Heritage breeds grown the heritage way”

Heritage breeds appear to slower but so do most creatures that are built strong and healthy. In reality, today’s corporate breeds are modified to grow too fast.

By breeding the best of the best, how can you go wrong with that? Kunekunes we cultivate are all pure bred. Those before us have done the hardest work. It’s up to us to carry on this hearty legacy.

Open Gate Policy

We welcome any potential buyers to our little ranchette. No obligation to buy.

First it’s time to learn and see. Whatever comes next will be the right thing. Come learn about these unique pigs or we can “meet” on Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.

It’s always best to see your new kunekune pig(s) first hand to make sure it’s what you want.

With that in mind, know that I have an Open Gate Policy for you and your family to come and see the farm. I want you to see the piglets eating the grass in their peaceful natural habitat, run up to me for affection & a bucket of onion peels, then off to the local mud hole with the other ladies to catch up on the dirt…

Kunekune Pork: The Other Red Meat

The main focus of Lonesome Star Farm is creating “Homestead Quality” animals for families to raise their own multi-purpose livestock from “pasture to plate” or  “stork to pork” as I say.  While I have limited meat pig availability, there are only a few photos on the web.  No matter on which side of this “pasture to plate” continuum you’ll invest in, nothing beats a photo.  A picture speaks a thousand delicious words.     This blog has more links than a butcher’s window shop so take some time to relax and read……

Lonesome Star Farm refers to our best kunekune (Coony Coony) pigs as “homestead quality.” To balance their lard pig classification, Lonesome Star Farm is cultivating a more muscular grass-fed & finished pig. Regardless of their heredity, all kunekune genetic lines in America share many favorable traits. Their most unique and sustainable quality is the ability to thrive on good quality grass alone. For example, our hearty native grass can supply superior nourishment compared to expensive and sometimes questionable livestock grain.

Kunekune pigs are versatile and docile, are registered, pure-bred, heritage-classified, and DNA proven. High quality kunekune pork is the culmination of patience, genetic & feeding practices, and respecting the pig’s pig-ness. While our farm goals focus on breeding rare livestock, responsible herd management offers a limited number of pigs to process and sell like these pictures below.

Like most non-commercial heritage meat, cooking slow and low is important for a premium taste. This meat is red, delicious, with a generous fat and meat ratio, but these pictures will let you decide for yourself. Interesting to discover that when I over-indulged on this all-natural “fat-full” pastured pork, it did not leave me with the dreaded, “Why did I just eat all that” feeling. Therefore, dust the old recipes from the file drawer, not the flash drive. Consider a return to cooking with full flavor from a sustainable resource, knowing that your breeding stock and pork comes from a real person who’s accountable to you.

Homesteaders, investors, breeders, chefs, and connoisseurs can contact me or other kunekune breeders at AKPR (formally AKBA) or AKPS for breeding stock or for more information to see if these guys are a good fit for your individual needs. No obligation at all to chat, for knowledge is (barbequed) power.  We believe that if livestock are respected from beginning to end, man and beast will fulfill their ancient roles as Farmstead Meatsmith eloquently reminds.

Your partner in swine,

Lonesome Star Farm ~~~ LonesomeStar.com



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