The main focus of Lonesome Star Farm is creating “Homestead Quality” animals for families to raise their own multi-purpose livestock from “pasture to plate” or  “stork to pork” as I say.  While I have limited meat pig availability, there are only a few photos on the web.  No matter on which side of this “pasture to plate” continuum you’ll invest in, nothing beats a photo.  A picture speaks a thousand delicious words.     This blog has more links than a butcher’s window shop so take some time to relax and read……

Lonesome Star Farm refers to our best kunekune (Coony Coony) pigs as “homestead quality.” To balance their lard pig classification, Lonesome Star Farm is cultivating a more muscular grass-fed & finished pig. Regardless of their heredity, all kunekune genetic lines in America share many favorable traits. Their most unique and sustainable quality is the ability to thrive on good quality grass alone. For example, our hearty native grass can supply superior nourishment compared to expensive and sometimes questionable livestock grain.

Kunekune pigs are versatile and docile, are registered, pure-bred, heritage-classified, and DNA proven. High quality kunekune pork is the culmination of patience, genetic & feeding practices, and respecting the pig’s pig-ness. While our farm goals focus on breeding rare livestock, responsible herd management offers a limited number of pigs to process and sell like these pictures below.

Like most non-commercial heritage meat, cooking slow and low is important for a premium taste. This meat is red, delicious, with a generous fat and meat ratio, but these pictures will let you decide for yourself. Interesting to discover that when I over-indulged on this all-natural “fat-full” pastured pork, it did not leave me with the dreaded, “Why did I just eat all that” feeling. Therefore, dust the old recipes from the file drawer, not the flash drive. Consider a return to cooking with full flavor from a sustainable resource, knowing that your breeding stock and pork comes from a real person who’s accountable to you.

Homesteaders, investors, breeders, chefs, and connoisseurs can contact me or other kunekune breeders at AKPR (formally AKBA) or AKPS for breeding stock or for more information to see if these guys are a good fit for your individual needs. No obligation at all to chat, for knowledge is (barbequed) power.  We believe that if livestock are respected from beginning to end, man and beast will fulfill their ancient roles as Farmstead Meatsmith eloquently reminds.

Your partner in swine,

Lonesome Star Farm ~~~



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